Book Club for African American Girls.
Book Club
Book Club for African American/Black girls
At Charmzworld we know the importance of reading. And we know
that reading is fun! Check out what's on the
Reading List.
Here's How:
* Always ask your parent(s) or guardian first before sending any information.
Send us an e-mail message. Include your mailing address and your e-mail address.
* Send us a photo of you, to be featured on this site.
* Include your name, your age & your grade level.
* Tell us about your favorite book ever.  Tell us what book you are reading right now,
or the book you would like to share with the book club.
* Write at least a paragraph about your favorite book and the book you're sharing with us.
We will introduce new Charmz Book Club members
and feature their book entry.  It could be you!
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Book Club for African American girls-Charmzworld Book Club
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