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self-esteem for girls, girls' empowerment, The Charmz Story
To empower, enlighten and promote self-esteem in
young girls by allowing them to see themselves in the
products that they wear and use; to encourage them
to"love yourself," to show them that they are beautiful
and that anything is possible.
What makes Charmz so special is that no other company offers merchandise in which all of the
characters are African-American.  Charmz was one of the first of its kind.
The product line is called "Charmz," it's taken from the jewels that are on the tiara in our logo and
our charms bracelet as well.  Each charm has it's own meaning. (click on the logo above to see
each charm.)

The characters are called "Charmz Girls," because their personalities repesent the charms'
meanings. Charmz Girls are wholesome, age-appropriate  graphic characters that reflect the spirit
and beauty of the girls who are targeted for this line of products.  Each graphic has text with a
positive affirmation to coincide with the image.  Charmz are charming girls who are sparkling with
personality.  They are strong, talented, kind and beautiful on the inside and out.
Charmz was conceived in the mind of Aqua C. Nixon, President & CEO of Charmzworld LLC in
2007. One day while she was shopping for Valentine's Day cards for her older daughter to hand out
to her Kindergarten class, she couldn't find anything she liked. She was surprised to find that there
were no cards that featured an African American girl.  She noticed that most brands may have one
African American character in their product line, but they are not featured in their most popular
items; and they are very hard to find. Discouraged, she decided to buy cards with butterflies instead
because her daughter likes them.

Her thought was, "If the cards are 'from' my daughter, they should reflect her in some way." So she
decided, being a painter & graphic artist, she may be able to create something for her daughter on
her own; characters that both her girls would love and identify with.  She wanted her girls to be able
to walk into any store and find a brand that featured characters who look like them.  She had found
her inspiration, so she sat down and began to draw...and the rest is history. Charmzworld LLC was
established in 2008.
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