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Wow! What a wonderful sight, I wish I had girls they would love this. Cool site great inspiration for all girls
and ladies young and old.   - Joan Williams Funderburke

Love this site. Anything to empower young girls and to build self-esteem---I'm all for it. Keep up the good
work.        - Cheryl Pope

Kudos!  Finally, something that my daughter can identify with!     - Shelia

This is a unique idea and is much needed for African-American girls.  Positive affirmations can change the
lives of young ladies.  This is a worthwhile venture.        - Much success & Best Wishes

I think that this product will be successful to young ladies of color because it sends a positive message
through each character.  The products have lots of colors and bright images to make young girls feel

Love it, Love it, Love it.        - Allysha Wilson

A very creative, fabulous way to inspire African-American girls to have "Charmz" about themselves.  The
presentation is well put together and colorful.

I appreciate having children's accessories that are African-American and attractive.  I noticed when
purchasing dolls for my daughter, that the African-American version of the dolls she likes are often
unattractive.  I would like to see, with this product, more varied skin tones, but other than that they are very
cute. Your product is positive affirmation that Black is Beautiful.        - Andria Butler

I love the website. You are so creative and I know this endeavor will be a big success.  I am going to foward
the link to all my e-mail contacts.                - Judy Hooper

Excellent concept!  It touches all the qualities of life for them to be strong girls as they deal with peer
pressure.  Good luck with your business venture!        - Valerie Taylor-Body

I think it's a great idea.  It sends a positive message with each girl.  It's a good, positive way to give young
girls of color a sense of good self-esteem.        - Candice

I feel good about the line, we need something for our African-American kids to support them and make
them feel special and appreciated.  The line is good and helpful for our girls to feel confident in every way.
- Pam Cornelius

I think it's a great idea because we need more products for our kids.        - Alwilton Wingfield

This is so exciting! I am happy about your new adventure. Where were you when my girls were growing
up? Good luck with the success of your business!  Remember to put God first.    - Be Blessed, Ida Andrews

I like the Charmz girls, they are cute.        - Kourtney  age 6
(at the time)

Charmz is cool.  They are pretty.        - Meghan age 5 (at the time)

I like Princess Morgan the best.        - Desirae age (7 at the time)

I think this is a break through for our young ladies, I endorse this wholeheartedly.  The designer has very
good skills, I support this 100%.

I love the page and uplifting music!! I think Charmzworld is the perfect website for young girls..keep up the
good work and creativity!!        - Claire

I am so proud of the creator of Charmz.  She saw the need of our little girls to have more positive images in
their lives. Charmz fulfills every trait of what a young African-American girl should feel - beautiful, intelligent,
smart, loving & kindhearted to  name a few.  Charmz will be a great motivator for young girls of all races for
years to come and an asset to our society.        - Much success

Nice page, love your creations.        - Michelle

What a wonderful idea! Afrian-American young ladies now have an awesome representation of our culture.
Charmz is a good example of confidence, self-respect and elegance.  The presentation is colorful, positive
and smart.                 - God bless you

I think it's a great inspiring tool for little girls of color.  It provides a message of positivity & creativity, and
that you can be whatever you want to be. It gives them momentum to shine in this world.  Charmz = Great.
- Ednevelyn Stevenson

Looking forward to you extending your line to playsets and dresses.  I have a 2 year old
granddaughter--who wears lots of "Dora" outfits.  It would be nice to wear more BRIANNA or MAYA.
-Flora Greene

I saw your ad on iseecolor and thought I'd check you out.  I have to say this is  very nice and very needed
for our little girls today. I am very impressed. Just imagine the possibilities! Thanks and I will keep my eye
on this site!                 - Rita Garnier

Enjoyed viewing your website, I love your ideas!!        - Carita Lyons

I love the site it looks so exciting! I love all of their personalities!        - Nadia
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