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You can read Aqua's blog called "Every Girl Is Beautiful" at

If you live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area  shop with us at the Southwest Center Mall in Dallas.

Coming Soon! Aqua is currently writing and illustrating a book for young girls that promotes self-esteem.
Aqua is a married mother of two daughters and one son. She is a graphic artist,
painter &  illustrator, entrepreneur, speaker, columnist and blogger. The Charmz line
was created with her daughters in mind.

"When I had the idea for Charmz, I had two very small daughters.  I mostly try to buy  
them  products for girls of color, i.e., dolls, stationery, clothing, etc. (when I can find
these  items).  It was extremely important to me to instill self-esteem in my daughters
at a very early age.  It's the way I was raised, which is why I insisted on buying
products for girls of color.  Then the thought came to me: 'You can do this yourself.'  
That was a defining moment for me; it was when I decided that I would create
Charmz.  As a graphic artist, I  already had the skills, so I sat down and began to

Interestingly enough, when I created my first products (which were the Valentine’s  
cards), they were intended only for my girls to take to school.  But then, I realized that
every little 'brown' girl deserved to see a reflection of herself in products like these.
I  felt  that this was something I shouldn’t keep to myself.  That’s how the Charmz line
was  started.  Charmzworld LLC was established not only to sell products but to raise
awareness about the effects that positive images can have on a child.

I wanted to design wholesome, age-appropriate characters that reflect the spirit and
beauty of the girls targeted for this line. Of course, the first two characters that were
created (“Maya” and “Jordan”) are inspired by my daughters.  From there, I wanted to
represent variations in skin tone, and I wanted the characters to be different ages and
for  each to have her own personality.  I hope every girl can identify with at least one
character and realize that you don’t have to be blonde, have straight hair or have a
light skin tone to be beautiful.  At Charmzworld we believe Every Girl Is Beautiful."
Aqua C. Nixon
Creator & CEO,
Charmzworld LLC
Aqua C Nixon, CEO of Charmzworld LLC
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